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Hyper Political Partisanship has created political gridlock.


I can not express this any better than Michael Douglas does in this America is Broken YouTube Video. 


As our Nation's Founders feared, political parties could become so partisan that they could become the greatest threat to our future.  There are many Democrats and Republicans (“Duopoly”) that continue to be party members because they feel any other approach would render them irrelevant.  In spite of their play-along to get-along view the number of voters choosing to be Independent is growing.  Some political observers feel that the Closed Primary System in New Mexico has forced many "Independent" leaning voters into one of the "Duopoly" parties.


I am an Independent and feel that the solution to political gridlock is giving Independent Voters and Candidates more strength so that they can arbitrate difference, give voters analysis without the political rhetoric and support cooperation between the Duopoly.  For this reason I have founded the League of Independent Voters of New Mexico and am running for this position as an Independent.  You can participate in unbreaking America by joining the League, encourage other Independent candidates to run for office and support my campaign financially and by signing our Ballot Petition.

The physical and financial health of seniors is being threatened by socialism and liberal politics.


Anyone born in 1965 or before has paid their taxes and now are expecting to be protected by those who are coming behind them and still needing to earn the right to retire.  Unfortunately, all of us retirees feel we are a part of the society that are literally and figuratively vulnerable.  Our safety nets of Medicare, Social Security and health protection are being offered up as political gifts to gain votes.  Why else would Presidential Candidates, Congressmen and Senators support Medicare for all, social programs for undocumented residents and expansion of budgetary spending that will collapse our safety net.  In that regard, even Joe Biden has said Social Security is on the table to achieve his goals.  

Did you know that New Mexico is the worst retirement destination state in the US?   Federal payments, including Social Security, are taxed AGAIN in New Mexico.  The Duopoly say they can't raise the money needed for their budget without taxing seniors.


If you are waiting for AARP to champion the cause of retired New Mexicans, you will be disappointed.  To fill the void, I have founded the New Mexico Association of Retired Voters.  This is not my organization, it belongs to all retired voters of New Mexico.  If you are in this age category, let your money, services and votes work to protect your interests.  There are precious few members of the Duopoly that place your interests above their Party's Platform.

This issue is the second reason that I gave up a great life of retirement to run for political Congress as an Independent.  I will work to achieve Federal protection from the 12 states that are stripping retirees of the money which they paid AFTER INCOME TAX to the Social Security Funds.  I will fight the inclusion of residents that are undocumented and undeserving of OUR MEDICARE.  Every check returning my Social Security payments has a deduction for Medicare.  It was not free for me and it should not be given away to get votes.

Xenophobia and intolerance is dividing Americans and creating endemic rage.


How many times have you heard someone brag about being "born and raised" here?   That is Xenophobia.  Have you heard someone announce that their family has been here for generations?  That is Xenophobia.  Those are innocent enough comments until intolerance enters the discussion.  When I helped organize American companies in foreign countries the intolerance was immediate and intense.  Sadly, there are two types of people; those who are aware of their own xenophobic thoughts and those who are in denial.  What is Xenophobia?  Webster's Dictionary defines it; "fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign". Simply put, it is a fear of people or things that are different.  Yes, fear arising from race, creed, color and religion are forms of xenophobia. There are many, many other examples.

After the intolerance of people and things that are different comes hatred and rage.  While Americans are ever ready to feel guilty about their conduct, this conduct is not unique to our country.  I have traveled a significant portion of the world's nations and found other countries are less civilized and express more xenophobic rage for smaller differences.  Rage and violent expression of xenophobia are rapidly increasing worldwide. 

Guns are not becoming more violent, people are!  Thinking that you can control gun violence by taking away guns is a concept easily disproved by traveling in the interior of Mexico where it is illegal for citizens to own guns and even ammunition.  Yet the bad guys have guns and use them on the defenseless Mexican people.  There is also that tacky Constitutional right.

Gun violence, mass killings, serial killers, road rage, school bullying, extreme political rhetoric, and many other behaviors are symptomatic of rage caused by Xenophobia. Many Americans share my opinion that those making accusation of Xenophobia are equally Xenophobic, if not worse.


I will work for a nationwide major objective study, without political pressure, to study all aspects of Xenophobia, intolerance and rage.  This evaluation is critical to remove politics and guilt away from this trend that is dividing Americans.  I have theories of the contributors to Xenophobia as I am sure you do.  By observation, I can tell you that angrily accusing each other of racism, homophobia, etc has not changed human behavior. 

One specific example of Xenophobia which I will address is negativity toward our growing Latin-American citizens and our shared history and culture that originated from Hispanic sources.  This is the third reason for my decision to  run for Congress in New Mexico.  I believe a national movement of "Hispanic Appreciation" should start in the state with the largest population of Latin descent, the most recent territory to have originally belonged to Mexico and with an art and culture enriched by it's Hispanic roots. While I have not founded an organization to champion this movement, I am anxious to get your input.  It must contain European-American and Latin-American members of equal proportion to get recognition as a joint effort by New Mexicans.

In addition to appreciating our Hispanic citizens, we must finally reform our immigration laws and stop using it as a political football.  Whether it is current immigration laws or the needed reformed laws,  our laws must be followed, especially by Congressmen.  I have been in Mexican Immigration Offices over 10 times.  When asked, their officers have one suggestion enforce your laws.


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